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     We are Here to make your Transition Easier and Less Stressful


    Our team has over 110 years combined experience in estate sales, tag sales, & auctions. The owner, Carla Bartlett, family and team members all love finding new homes for treasures. They love their work and it shows. Chelsea, Carlas' youngest daughter, graduated from Purdue and cashiers when she can. Her brother, Christian, attends Ivy Tech works most sales cashiering, carrying, setting up, etc. They are a family that works and plays together. Carla works hard to make every sale their best one yet! 

    Carla Jones Bartlett graduated from Carroll High School in Flora, IN and attended Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN. Life has literally taken her all over the world as part of the US Navy military life. She learned early on that making people happy was her calling & now shares her talents in Lafayette, Kokomo Indy, Fowler, or where ever she's needed. 

    Joseph Bartlett graduated from West Lafayette High School. His life has taken him all over the world though an exciting career in the US Navy, as well as having a thriving law practice in Lafayette for over 45 years. He has been always been interested in antiques and collectibles. 

    Linda Draper works tirelessly as the "go-to" lady. She is a wonderfult asset on the sales floor and also as part of the set up team.

    Candy Draper, Lindas' daughter, also a Carroll High graduate, works as a weekend cashier, inventory specialist, and set up person.  

    We never passes up an opportunity to compare themselves to other estate sale companies.  Very rarely have any met our standards. Our staff is honest, courteous, & trustworthy. We offer detachment selling as we know that selling family memories and heirlooms can be very difficult. We'll help as much as possible to ease the discomfort.  We give families peace of mind by minimizing stress and maximizing results.


             ESTATE SALES  -vs-  AUCTIONS

 If you are trying to decide whether to have an Estate Sale or auction,


As a seller, it is almost ALWAYS BETTER TO HAVE AN ESTATE SALE. Why?

We price & sell all of your items individually.

Usually, an auction house "cherry picks" your best things & you deal with the rest.

They also often sell a table full of items for $1 or $2. 

Other differences...

-  Sincerely Yours Estate Sales are done in the home which all but eliminates breakage due to moving items. 


-  Sincerely Yours Estate Sales DOES NOT Cherry Pick items... we sell EVERYTHING!


-  Sincerely Yours Estate Sales NEVER charges a "buyers premium" so buyers can buy more items! What is a Buyer Premium anyhow?  The auctioneers bonus? 


-  Sincerely Yours Estate Sales team sales are not rushed. We spend as much time with every customer as requested or needed. 


-  Sincerely Yours Estate Sale associates are very warm and personal with all customers. We stage your items in thier "natural places" and maintain a friendly family type atmosphere during the sale.


 -  Sincerely Yours Estate Sales are done over 1-4 days. This gives buyers the chance to attend the sale, buy what they have to have the first time, return to give items a second look, etc. We have people that come every day!


      Since we work on commission only,

    the more money we make you, the

             more money we make!  


  Call Carla at 765-588-7863.  She'll be happy to come look at your home & discuss what we can do for you 


We proudly serve the towns of Attica, Brookston, Delphi, Frankfort, Fowler,

 Kokomo, Lafayette, Lebanon, Rossville, West Lafayette, Williamsport...

 if your home is within 60 miles or so , CALL US!

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