Sincerely Yours Estate And Tag Sales




   Your success is our success! We are a commissioned based business, No sale is too small or too large! We are extremely motivated to provide you with the highest quality sale we can.

                                 We are here to serve you!


     It's really a very simple process for you... you call us and we handle the rest.... We take a visual and photographic inventory during our first visit and work from that during the sale.

     Obviously, we are going to work hard to get as much money for your items as we can... the more money you make, the more money we make.  Your Sale is our #1 Priority. 

     Within 7 days after your sale ends, Sincerely Yours Estate Sales will send you your settlement packet, your key, and your cashier's check.  Any expenses will always be discussed as things come up... there are no hidden costs. 

      It is important to note that we do not itemize each and every item we sell in our receipt books. Typically, every house literally contains tens of thousands of individual items.  There is no way possible we can list separately every fork, pencil, or towel. 

     For example, if one person buys a couch, 2 books, 6 towels, and some dishes... your statement might read "couch etc. - $450.00".  If another person buys 4 sets of earrings... your statement might read "jewelry $12.00".


     There are never any up-front fees! Each sale is different and therefore our commission is based on your indivisdual home.  Factors include: the size of the home, amount of cleaning/ decluttering needed, quality/quanity of the items, manpower hours needed, etc.  


We always discuss all fee options before signing our contract.

1.  Our most common option is that Sincerely Yours Estate Sales takes a percentage of the proceeds from your sale that we discuss during our free consultation. 

2.  For a smaller Tag sale we can charge by the hour (time and services), by the project (flat fee) or percentage of the sale or minimum fee (whichever is greater).

The only fee we will share 50/50 is an expert appraisal fee if you have a unique item we are not comfortable pricing without expert input.


 We proudly serve the towns of Attica, Battle  Groound, Brookston, Carmel, Crawfordsville, Delphi, Fishers, Flor, Frankfort, Fowler, Indianapolis, Kokomo, Lafayette, Lebanon, Noblesville, Monticello, Mulberry, Oxford, Plainfield, Rossville, Sheridan, Thorntown, West Lafayette, Westfield, Williamsport, Zionsville, ...

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