Sincerely Yours Estate And Tag Sales




"What a great job you guys did! Everything was so well organized and well displayed.  The prices were fair and the people were helpful! Great job!"

"Carla, I want to thank you and your crew very much in helping me to relieve the burden after my father’s passing. His time on this earth was long and the house was so cluttered that when I first called you I was troubled and not knowing what I was going to do. After our first conversation on the phone I was relieved to know that you were going to be there and do what I knew I could not have done myself. Thank you for helping me through my time of hardship and taking on all that you said you would."


"This note is to serve as a personal recommendation for Sincerely Yours Estate & Tag Sales.  Carla and her team worked tirelessly on my dad’s estate. They gave us his documents that they found and war photos we had been looking for.  I'd hire them again in a minute."


"The downsizing you help me accomplished was a blessing. I had no idea what to do with the house hold that my mom left behind. I was going to call goodwill and I am very happy my friend turned me on to you. You made things right, help me organize the house after the sale and help make my transition into my mom’s home pleasant."


 "I just want to send you a well-earned thanks! You did a tremendous job in a short amount of time.  You priced everything, took great pictures, and sold most everything in the entire house. Amazing."

"I got an absolutely wonderful deal!!!! Great communicator, a joy to do business with!"

"Your organization skills are beyond anything that I could have ever imagined. The clean-up after the sale was great and communications you kept with me helped alleviate a big problem I was faced with. Thank you Carla for being there in my time of need."


"As an avid estate sale shopper, I had to compliment you and your staff for a job well done.  Everything was priced reasonably, displayed well, and your helpers were wonderful."

"A++++ for Sincerely Yours Estate Sales!  I don't know what we would have done without Carla and her crew. My mother died and we live 5 states away. We couldn't be there in person but she kept in close contact with us through phone and emails. It was almost like being there but no work for us :)"

"I was at a total loss when my Harry died.  I didn't know what to do. It was so comforting to talk to Carla and turn everything over to her. Without me having any children, she made every run smoothly and I had my check to move into assisted living within 4 weeks of calling her. That was a big help."


"We appreciate the time, effort, diligence and the schedule you said you could keep & did. With me being from out of town I was worried about who would help. None of my friends were around but you came to my rescue in time of need. The way you took over from what I was doing turned my grief into a closing. Many, Many thanks Carla."

 "Our family hired Sincerely Yours over the phone.  I was skeptical but was out voted by my siblings as none of us lived in Florida.  I must say they surpassed our every expectation. What a great decision to hire them." 

"Don't even hesitate to Call Sincerely Yours Estate and tag Sales!  Carla comes to your house for free and gives you the heads up on what you can expect. She is realistic and down to earth and very nice.  Whatever she says, you can believe! She got a lot more from my mom’s "junk" that I ever thought possible."

"I have to compliment Carla’s team and especially on her son and daughter.  They were very helpful for teens and so considerate to all the shoppers. They carried things to cars, rearranged items, and were generally very helpful. I think it's great that you spend so much time together and you have raised your kids to be productive members of society."

"Just a note to say thanks for keeping us informed. From your first visit to us getting our check and statement today, it has been such an easy transition.  Although it is a sad time, you help us immensely-thank you Carla!"

 "I can't believe how much money we made on my parents items... I am in shock. The house was left broom clean and there was not much to do to get it ready for the realtor."

"Thank goodness we hired you and your staff! I can't imagine a sale running better or being more organized than ours was last weekend.  When I stopped by to see how things were going, I was so surprised at all the calm "busy work" going on. Like little worker bees doing their jobs. It was great!

"Thank you Sincerely Yours- You took the time to research my dad’s items and got so much more than the local auction house offered us to "just buy us out"."

"Just a quick note to say you are the best Carla! You love your work and it shows.  From our first meeting, throughout the process, seeing the house after the sale, getting our check, you do a great job and we will refer you to everyone we know at the Eagles, the Moose, the Elks, the Orange Park Country Club, everywhere!"



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